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Elizabeth Cady
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Admitted today

Elle was admitted today for blood transfusion, albumin, CT to r/o pneumonia, and wound cultures. Dr.s Wagner and Tolar visited today and discussed her condition and continued workup prior to line placement.

She is doing well except that she suffered a very large - well 2 large blisters (the biggest she has ever had) on her little foot from the IV insertion when I was preparing the dressings to pad and secure the IV. I was right in the room and even said not to apply traction! So my lesson is to be more watchful and aggressive.

Stefan (Steve) is spending the night in the hospital and may fly home for a bit tomorrow and I will be with Chloe and Timea. Chloe is having a great time in between petulant moments, bless her.

Not sure if Elle will remain inpatient for long term or just a couple of days. Will know more tomorrow.


  1. You changed up your blog! It looks really cute! Sorry to hear about Elle's blisters. I always feel so gaurded when Daylon's in the hospital. I hope that your conversation went well with the two head huanchos(?I think that's how you spell it!)! We're just around the corner if you need anything! Especially while your hubby's gone! So glad you're here! Love, Jenn

  2. Elle -

    Have been following Bella and Daylon - and now you (and family) have been added to my prayers as I storm Heaven with visions of your future. May my Lord Jesus Christ be with you and your family always.

    With love and admiration -


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