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Elizabeth Cady
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting a Little Stronger

Well, Elle hardly needs O2 at all, but we keep it going blow-by just in case and it is great for her skin.

She now has an IV in her little head, but they did a great job placing it and even were able to draw her labs (with me looming over them, ensuring that not to much friction applied or too much blood taken for her size). Chloe spent time with the child-life specialist, Carin today who made a mock up of Elle's IV on a lavender hippo, which worked very well, because when Chloe finally saw her sister, she said, "Oh, she has an IV in her head so she can get medicine". (She said it just like that).

Her wt is 4.6kg (over 10 lbs - yay!), hemoglobin is 9.8 -yay again! What you say? This sounds low to you? Not for Elle, this is high compared to her 6's and 7's. albumin was 1.7 (slowly rising) for which she received some via her new IV. Other labs pretty much within limits, or at least for her. So doing well except for A LOT of diarrhea. No good for her bum. General plan is to keep tuning up, strength and hope for a line end of the week or next week.

Oh, and she is getting so bright-eyed. When Chloe and I came in to relieve S, Elle was playing; batting at her bottle of Pedialyte -and then she saw me and smiled...fabulous.

I finally got to meet Daylon, so sweet -he looks huge compared to Elle! And his skin is looking luminescent -so beautiful.

My dad and stepmom, Bonita are neat here in St Paul, I believe. I am happy; the cavalry is here! Timea has only been gone 2 days! We can do it, but we don't get to see much of each other, and Stefan has to go home soon for a bit anyway so it will be great to see them at 10 AM.


  1. Loved to see the Getting a little stronger title of this update. That is exactly where you need to be right now.
    Your baby girl is so, so cute. I will continue to pray for your precious little Elle. Keep the Faith. God Bless. Love Leah's Nana

  2. Hooray! So glad to hear good news about Miss Elle. Those eyes... they just melt my heart every time. Hope you guys are getting a little sleep! We miss you guys tons! Had a Care Team meeting on Sunday. Everyone is thinking of you, missing you, and praying for you! :)

  3. She is such a doll! I can't believe how great she looks compared to last week! What a turn around! She's a fighter! Praying for you guys! Love, Jenn


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