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Elizabeth Cady
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Moving Forward

Another beautiful day in Minnesota. Elle is moving right along and getting stronger it seems everyday. She is still slowly gaining weight, now up to 10.3 pounds. Slowly inching up, and slow is exactly how things are moving right now. She slept quite a bit today. Heal baby girl heal. Dr's say maybe put in central line next week, so it is a waiting game to see her get better. Good news is that Bonita and Gil (Becky's parents have arrived). Such a welcome sight. Please pray for more healing. Elle was playing, smiling and feeling pretty good when awake. She loves the balloons she has over the bed. Reaches for them and plays with them.

Chloe was a character today, well I guess she always is. She is 3.... She is so strong willed now, Dad--- No diaper change, Dad-- Not that outfit (it does not match). Dad-- not those shoes. Dad--- I love you so much.... . Me--- Ok honey (such a softee). I am wrapped around my girls, all my girls fingers.

Going home to California in morning. I miss my girls all ready, but I know my dear wife will handle it all. She is so precious.

Well it is about 1:30am so off to watch some more t.v. , maybe sleep for a couple of hours.


  1. Yea for grandparents being there to help out. Lots of prayers for your precious little Elle. She sure is a cutie. Glad that things are going slowly, but smoothly. You don't want to rush things, let God take over and be in charge.
    Lots of hugs and prayers for Elle. Love Leah's Nana

  2. I found your blog through Bella's and wanted to wish you well. Elle is so beautiful! I am a little confused though. Has she had a transplant yet or waiting for one still? Thanks for sharing your beautiful girl! God bless...



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