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Elizabeth Cady
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day -1

Today, Elle had a deserved day off, finishing her "flush" for the Cytoxan at noon and every 2 hour diaper changes as well. She is holding. She received Bumex today, a stronger diuretic than Lasix. She sat up in her chair, played a little, and gave away some gorgeous smiles.

So tomorrow is day Zero and she will be receiving her transplant via IV infusion. It is a one time infusion and we will hope and pray for good engraftment and minimal side effects from the Chemotherapy. From what we understand, days ~5 through 20 are the hardest, give or take.

Now that she is so interested in things, I am grabbing more and more toys for her!  I can't resist.  I went shopping while Chloe was attending Blessing Place (Stefan slept in the car, poor thing).  I went at a fancy baby store in a little mall which, by the way, didn't look like much but was full of stores like Pendelton, Louis Vuitton, TIFFANY.  Anyhow, we can't afford a lot right now, but I ended up splurging on this $14.00 little rattle. The sales lady said proudly that is was a "Blabla", but that meant nothing to me.  It is a soft, sweet cow holding a yellow flower and it rattles.  That was all I needed to know.  And Elle did love it, she actually held it in her little mittened hands and lifted it up and down and smiled big at it.  Worth every penny.

One of Elle's biggest fans here had a baby yesterday I believe. He is a healthy baby boy named Isaiah and we are so happy for her.

Doesn't she look great sitting up in the chair, holding her new cow!

Chloe and her daddy racing in Times Square
(in the free arcade at the RMH -I would have LOVED this as a kid!)

So we I am off to put Chloe to bed, then do Elle's dressings, then we all try to rest.


  1. Oh, my gosh! Today as when I asked you how Chloe was your faced looked so confused, then as we were walking away, I realized I said Chloe instead of Elle! Excuse my scatter-brainedness! I've become so ditzy these days!
    I'm so glad to here that Elle is handling her chemo so well! Yay!!! Good luck tomorrow! We'll be praying for you all!

  2. PS- love the festive background!

  3. Lots of prayers for your sweet girl as she receives transplant tomorrow!

  4. Becky and Steve,

    Wow, chemo is done and the day is almost here!! That is great. Sending you lots of hugs for you and Elle and prayers for tomorrow and the coming days. Keep being brave!! Love you guys.

  5. Congratulations for getting to transplant! Your sweet baby girl is precious. Thank you for sharing your journey so we can be praying for her specifically.

    Praying today that the infusion goes well and that you all have the energy to face the next few weeks. I'll be praying those cells grow and celebrating with you when she gets her counts!

    Praying from Waterford, MI

  6. Extra prayers for Elle in the coming days to come. She is so so cute. Thank you for the updates and please keep them coming.
    Love and Peace. Love Leah's Nana


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