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Elizabeth Cady
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Days -8 and -7

Up in arms so happy

Sorry, I fell asleep yesterday before I could blog yesterday and I wish I could say that it won't happen again but it likely will.

Yesterday was day -8, her second day of Busulfan and was thankfully, uneventful. She slept, cooed, and played mostly. She fussed a little, but not bad. Per the Dr.s, her Busulfan levels came back spot on and no adjustments needed to be made in her dose. I was really organized and did a full body dressing change head to toe literally in 2 1/2 hours. I had Stefan and her nurses help but we were all exhausted afterward. Poor baby, it is stressful for her to have it all done at once, but she did well. She is amazing though. She had a gram of Oxycodone, 2 Fentanyl bumps on top of her Fentanyl gtt, Benadryl, and Ativan -and she was still awake!

Today is day -7 and she was smiling and kicking at her toys earlier. She is tolerating chemo very well so far. She gets Zofran drip and Benadryl alternating with Ativan for nausea and it seems to be working well. Her counts will not be checked until after the transplant now as there is no point really, they are going down as they are supposed to. We will be doing tonight's dressings here shortly. It is great to have Ma and Gil here -I hope we don't wear them out like we did Dad and Bonita!

Sneak peek (i phone style) at photo's professionally done by Blair's Tree of Hope -a wonderful couple who volunteer for sick kids like Elle.

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  1. Thanks so much for the update. So happy that Elle seems to be tolerating all these nasty drugs she has to take.
    Love the video. Those legs just keep on kicking. Good thing!!!!
    Elle will continue to be in my prayers every single day. Love and peace. Love Leah's Nana


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