Elizabeth Cady

Elizabeth Cady
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Day -2

Day -2 was her last chemo day -yay! She did well, very well.  Absolutely no vomiting.  She is retaining a little fluid but is still responding to Lasix.  Her wt today was 4.93 kg (10.8 lbs) up only a little from her "dry" weight of 4.74 kg.  She smiled and played today, less fatigued today than yesterday.  Tomorrow she gets a day of rest, then transplant day is Wednesday.  Labs are fine too, she is a little tachy - no not like gold lamay, but rather an elevated heart rate.  She just got more Lasix so I think her heart rate may decrease as the excess fluid leaves.

For those of you wondering what these turtles paving the way to the BMT unit mean, they are the winners of the drawing competition by kids prior to the annual Turtle Derby, a highly attended turtle race / fundraiser

Elle got an Envelope FILLED with gorgeous hand made cards tonight. 
children of different ages from the church prayed and made cards wishing Elle health, and prayers, and lots of sweet juju. Elle was very interested in the bright paper, glitter, and shapes that made up the cards. 

Elle gazing at her cards from St Johns Lutheran in Sacramento

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