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Elizabeth Cady
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Day +5 September 27

Thank you to all of the sweet children who have made cards, prayers and well wishes for Elle!      
Elle is doing well, no significant changes.  Still trying to pull fluid off of her and she is getting puffier.  Respiratory therapy fashioned head gear for her that has 4 straps and covers the back of her head in order to protect her skin and still hold her breathing tube in place.  She looks like an Amish baby- it's cute, but more importantly, it holds well without hurting her -we hope.

All  of the nurses so far have been great.  Everyone takes very good care of her and she continues to hold a power over people, even asleep.  She still manages to capture their hearts. 

Stefan is with her for the third night in a row!  He said he wanted to because he got a lot of sleep and so he could work, but I think in part, he wanted to give me time with my brother,who just flew in; what a sweet guy my husband can be.

It is great to have Timmy here.  Chloe is delighted because her uncle is a lot like a playmate!  She adores the princess tea set Timmy brought from he and Laura. 

Chloe has AM Blessing Place through church, I call "practice" preschool.  She will be going to actual preschool before long.


  1. Hi Becky: Thanks for the update. I will continue to say extra prayers for your precious little Elle. She really is adorable. I can just picture her looking like a little Amish girl, how cute is that?
    Chloe looks like she is having a great time hanging with her uncle and having tea, that is so nice of your brother to do that for her. Gotta love family. Love and Peace. Love Leah's Nana

  2. Hey guys!
    I'm glad to hear that Elle is holding her own...she's such a fighter. I know this is such a scary time in your life, but take comfort that in a few short months she'll be smiling and enjoying the blessing of transplant. :) Oh, and I wanted to tell you that the question mark on the card the kids drew for Elle is something that Keira did. When I asked her why she put a question mark on the card, she said that it's because she wonders why does another baby have to hurt like Daylon did. She's very concerned for Elle and includes her constantly in her prayers. I think it's cute and I thought you might like to know that. :) Hope Elle's and your day is great! Love, Jennifer

  3. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT Baby Elle and know you have people who love you and are prayying for you on a daily basis.!
    Daylons auntie kristyn from CA..xoxoxoxo

  4. Dear Becky---
    God's Word tells us to speak to our mountain--- so, in the name of Jesus, we speak to excess fluid in Elle's body and command it to be released. Father, bless and protect every organ in this precious little body. Please let her know that you are near, holding, loving and bringing her through this. We are trusting you for a miracle! We stand on your Word..you are the Word...Your Word is yes and amen-- Your Word is truth...in Jesus name--AMEN


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