Elizabeth Cady

Elizabeth Cady
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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day +8 September 30

Elles WBC is 0.2 today; on the way up.  Her bilirubinis better and her tears are clear again, peeing a little and POOPING- yes.  Her weight is 5.8kg. She is on feeds again and off of TPN.  Kidney function pretty poor-they are worried and took her off of the antirejection drug, cyclosporin or CSA to give her kidneys a break.  She continues to receive blood and / or platelets daily.   Timmy did the head gear with RT (respiratory therapy).  See, he did a nice job.  He loves his niece.

Her nurse setting up tube feeds by gravity

Nurse Rachel and Timmy

right hand airing out
left hand

Bald Eagle visiting RMH

Thursday night BINGO

Chloe sharing the joy of her bingo winnings with Caleb


  1. I'm thrilled that her counts coming in and there are bits of improvement!! We continue to pray for Elle and your family that you may find peace and joy in this difficult time. Elle continues to show us just how strong she is!! Oh! And tell Rachel we said "hi!"

  2. Hooray for Elle! She keeps getting stronger and stronger -- one cell at a time.

    And don't you love the Raptor Center!! I had a friend in college whose dad was a vet there. He used to bring birds down to our dorm every once in awhile. Really fun!

  3. Hi Becky: Thanks for the update and the pictures. Praying for those counts to increase and her kidneys to be okay during this terrible process.
    Extra prayers for precious Elle. Keep the Faith. Love Leah's Nana


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