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Elizabeth Cady
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day +21 October 13

Elle (Elizabeth) is holding steady.  She is keeping her blood pressures up, she is maintaining good body temperatures.  Dialysis is actually taking fluid off now too.  The only things are that we are still worried about her liver (it's big and the bili numbers are high @ 20 now) and that she had quite a bit of skin bleeding after her liver ultrasound today and her platelets have been between 1 (yes 1) and 40 (normal 150-450). 

Exciting news #1...her white blood cells doubled and are @ 1.2 with an ANC of 800, yes sir!Wohoo! Her bone marrow is creating cells (must be the Giant white blood cell mascot in her bed).  These cells are the beginning of her new immune system and those neutrophils are going to start attacking bacteria and fungi!

News #2...she has not one, not two, but FOUR new choppers. I was cleaning her mouth and replacing her mouthpiece at 2 AM with the nurse and RT and felt something hard. They took a flashlight and revealed two gleaming teeth, then we looked around and found two more. They are all on top and I can feel the two cute bottom ones pushing through too. Also, her mouth looks so good. It is clear of sores and normal, no swelling or bleeding. She even wiggles her little pink tongue. 

Looks a little like Bob Marley

Chloe has been a pill lately.  When someone visits for longer than a week, her 3 year oldness bursts out and she gives them the same attitude she usually reserves for us.  She did it to Aunt Timea, my parents, and now to Stefan's mom.  It means your in. 

Chloe greeting Kylie, who's sister is in the BMT
She loves babies, I think she misses seeing sister
Thank you and goodnight -oh and if there are any families considering the stem cell transplant, please feel free to contact us if you want to know more or just want to talk.  We had a lot of question marks before we came to Minnesota with Elle. 


  1. Our kids LOVED playing with Chloe today! I'm so glad to hear that Elle is doing so well. She's amazing! I think God has wondeful things instore for your family!

  2. Hi Elle's family!

    I found your blog through my friend Emelie, who has a daughter living with JEB; Elly, in Sweden. As Elly's and Elle's diagnoses are so rare, it really means the world to us over here that you are willing to open up your life and share the journey with all of us through this beautiful blog you are writing.

    I truly adore you and your family, you are so strong and are doing a great job and I'm glad to see that Elle's transplant so far seems to be going quite well.

    Well, I just wanted to post something on your blog to let you know that we think about you and hope with all our hearts that all will go well with Elle.

    Best regards,
    Sara from Sweden

  3. Sara- amazing that you commented now as I have just 2 days ago discovered Ellys blog. Beautiful baby. I love how we all learn from eachother and connect.

  4. You all look great! I love the photos of the hike!! Chloe looks like she's grown to me! Elle looks good too! I loved seeing her little fingers! I think it's so wonderful that you are able to hold her tiny hands and she holds on tight!! I think of you often. I wear my bracelet every day! People at the office ask about you guys and Elle frequently. We miss you!! Terri Wakabayashi


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