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Elizabeth Cady
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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day +39 October 31

Sporting her new head gear -the dressing forms a sort of "bill" and she looks like a jockey!
Happy Halloween!  I wish I could see all of my nieces and nephews all dressed up (and siblings...and Ma and Gil for that matter)! trick or treating is different here.  We only did the one day inside the Ronald McDonald House which is like 3 apartment houses and we only did on of them.  Otherwise, it is cold at night and Trick Or Treaters have to wear warm costumes or cover them up with coats.  It is currently 38 degrees and forcasted to go down to 32.  It has been sunny though and between hot buildings and warm car, I have not been a bit cold yet.  Stefan however, is totally in love with the down vest I bought him.  He wears it in and out and it keeps him warm.  I bought one for Chloe as well.

Elle is still truckin'.  She went back on Prisma with no issues, she did not even get puffy.  She has been weaned down on her Vasopressin and Epi and is still not on norepi -this is good. It means her blood pressures are strong.  Today her arterial line did come back positive for yeast after 2 days growing, as did the red port of her Hickman and brown port of her PICC yesterday.  This is so frustrating; beastly yeast!  A CT will be done this week to determine if she has what they call yeast balls in her organs.  If the scan shows no balls, then they may assume the source is the lines and consider pulling them somehow.  When she is weaned off of pressors, that will be the ideal "window".  I will be waiting like a cat, ready to pounce the second that happens!  Stefan of course, is also looking at every possibility. 

Dad is leaving tomorrow :(  but he and Bonita have never been apart this long and they will have a happy reunion.  He has been so helpful with house chores, maintenance, laundry, car care, Chloe care, errands, bill organizing, and fatherly counselling!  I started calling him Cindergrandpa.  I shouldn't admit this and scare off potential future helpers!  He has enjoyed his granddaughters though, so that is a good thing.

Caleb's pumpkin

               Our girls dressed for Halloween

Princess Chloe and Pumpkinelle



  1. SO!SO!SO! Cute! LOVED the costumes, especially the pumpkinelle! Adorable!

  2. S and B and darling girls:
    Loved the picture with Elle's eyes open! Also loved the girls' pumpkins and costumes! So completely sweet!
    Spent Halloween with Uncle Timmy's and we dressed up as 1800's cowboy and cowgirl.
    Weather here warm and sunny, in the 70's, so cannot complain.
    Ludi and I are spending time together today and I always feel terrific after being with my friends!
    Good luck on the test for organ balls of yeasts, I will be sending possitive thoughts to you all.
    Glad the vests are a big hit, sounds pretty cold there to me!
    Baby Elle looks so gorgeous with her eyes open, makes one think there is a rosey future for her !
    We love you all and pray many times a day for Elle's recovery and your peace of mind! Love as always from Grandma and G.G.

  3. Sorry but I had to chuckle about your cool weather comment. It was around 40 here and we considered it perfect. :) Although I admit it would be nice to not have to worry about it if the kiddos are warm in their costumes. But I do love fall.

    I love the girls in their costumes. So cute.

    Elle- Keep fighting sweet baby. I am praying so hard for you. Sending you hugs and kisses. xoxox

    Denise WI

  4. I love the costumes. Thinking of you everyday!

    Leslie, KY

  5. Love Miss PumpkinElle! And Princess Chloe was quite elegant, too. So glad you had a nice Halloween.
    Praying about this yeast problem. Ugh. Praying and praying.

  6. So happy to hear Elle's BP's are better and that she did well going back on the prisma! I love love love your cindergrandpa comment. I am sure that he has loved every moment with your family. What a special treat for your daughters to have him so involved and what a savior for you too! Praying for good results for the CT! Jessie Arizona

  7. Becky, what a love of a "grandpa" the girls have. This must have been so wonderful for you all to have him there. Postive thoughts on Elle's progress. She is like a ninja fighter and I picture her fighting off all the other ninjas (yeast, etc.). She and Chloe looked SO PRESCIOUS in their costumes. Is there no way to iradicate the yeast from the lines? Looking forward to a complete recovery for little Elle. With prayers of hope and love to you,
    Candace C

  8. Too cute, I love pumpkinelle!:) We all pray for you here in orangvale love you all.
    Cousin Mikayla

  9. So nice to see you still keeping your spirits up and even little Elle dressed up!


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