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Monday, October 18, 2010

Day +25 October 17


I wish I could say there was a big change with little Elle.  She is doing OK, nothing worse happening.  She vascilates between stable and poor blood pressures, labs,and ventilator peak pressures but she is still fighting fungi.

Her dad did her head gear today.  I guess that is turning into quite a task as is her body dressings.  I really do try to think of the positives too, but right now I guess I am mentally tired and worried and tired of being worried.  I can't leave her tonight and I need to get myself to bed.  We are okay though, just wishing we could do more to help her and to hasten healing.  Thank you everyone for your thoughts, prayers, and insight.  She is quiet and comfortable right now, so I think sleep is on the horizon for me.

I want to share something that happened at church back home today.  We have a pretty large congregation, yet during the healing children's message, more than one child stated that they wanted to pray for Baby Elle and one said, "...she has a really, really bad cold and we pray every day for her to get better".
After church today, Chloe and I shopped for winter wear only to buy bath gel and baby dresses.  We were passing through the baby dept to look at winter accessories and Chloe kept getting side tracked by cute baby outfits.  She would pull one off the rack and then another, each time exclaiming, "I want to get this for Baby Elle" or "My sister will really like this".  So I diverted the mission and searched for the longest time to find clothes that miss Elle can actually wear.  EB kids are hard to dress in the very best circumstances.  Try adding a line on every limb, a breathing tube, and lying down constantly. She usually just wears a fancy diaper lately and nothing else. Chloe and I finally did come up with a couple of winners and one in particular, Chloe wanted to be from her.  How sweet is that?  So the rambling story ends with no winter wear and Chloe presenting her sister with a new polka dot dress!  You can see it another day.

This was Elle's resident, Maggie.  She had to move on to her next rotation :( We sure like her! She cares a lot about Elle.

My brother recently emailed this to me from 10 months ago -cute, huh?


  1. I follow your blog for a couple of weeks but it is the first time that I post.

    I sincerely hope that Elle will win this fight and that she will return home.


  2. I follow your blog a few weeks ago.
    Across the ocean, I send my best thoughts and prayers in hope that the great little baby Elle wins this battle.


  3. Hi Becky: I noticed the time you posted this update, I sure hope you got some sleep tonight. You have to take care of yourself too.
    Extra prayers for your precious Elle. She is just adorable. Keep the Faith. God Is Good. Love Leah's Nana

  4. I love that Chloe wants to choose clothes for Ella. I am sure she will look adorable in her new dress!

  5. Did you get ANY sleep Becky>
    It's interesting you mentioned that a few kids at your church were expression prayers for baby Elle. At St. John's yesterday during children's sermon, Angela asked the kids who they wanted the congregation to pray for. One or two asked for prayers for baby Elle. At the end, Angela and the congregation prayed for each, and when baby Elle's name hadn't come up, one child said "....and Baby Elle."
    Way out here we are ALL praying for baby Elle in big ways. And for you too!!! It's so wonderful that Chloe is a loving sister to her Elle.
    Blessings for Sacramento,

  6. Dear Becky, I noticed the time of your post and hope you got some sleep. You sound exhausted, I cannot imagine the stress you all have been through. I'm glad the St.John's community can help in some small way. I have been thinking of Elle all week, poor baby. I hope she turns a corner soon. She is a tough little fighter! It is so wonderful to be able to read your blog and keep up as it were. Hang in there. My prayers are with you and your whole family. Love you all, Kathy :)

  7. Aww, Chloe is such a great big sister! She is so sweet picking out dresses for her, and cant wait to see Elle in her new polka-dot dress real soon.
    I was thinking about winter over there and how cold it must be already there. Would you guys like me to go pick up some of your warmer things and make up a box to send out there? If you have coats of sweaters, pants, hats etc. Let me know what I can send out for you, as I know shopping trips are few and far between.
    Love you all

  8. Thank you for taking time to post each day. Sometimes its good to have "no" change in status....it is better than "bad" change. I check your post daily and I am continuing to pray for you and your little family. God Bless and be strong!
    What a great big sister :)

  9. Elle- You have got to have the sweetest big sister! My Noah loves his little sister Clara and it melts my heart every time. Sending you hugs, kisses and love. Can you feel it?

    The picture of Elle with her cousin...what a hoot!

    Denise WI


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