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Elizabeth Cady
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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day +38 October 30

Day +38 has brings nothing very different.  Elle actually rested very well today and seemed more comfortable than recently.  Her skin is still fragile, her BPs are still lowww, she still wakes up and wiggles.  She still has my heart completely, and her dad's, and her grandpa's, and almost everyone's who has spent any time with her...

The Prisma "crashed" for the first time today; something about a fluid shift issue.  She had to be taken off CRRT early.  Lately it has been 12 hours to lock each of her Hickman ports with the anti fungal but today it is 20 hours.  It actually helped her blood pressures.  She just may get very puffy.

This evening, her temperature probe broke and re-inserting one would damage her throat and mouth so the night nurse figured out how to Jerry rig it. I'm grateful for his skills! 

Pastor Dale came to visit Elle and me.  He put his hand in hers, we prayed, ate, and I felt better. 

Stefan actually got a stretch of sleep during the evening 5-11 PM.  I know our hours have gotten so kooky, but I hope it did him some good.

Chloe and Grandpa Gil have really bonded and I am so appreciative that he has been here through this rough patch.  When family is here, I know Chloe is loved and secure.  I know her grandparents, Aunts, Uncles will always be there for her.  She is happy. 

Family Child Life brought by this little hat for Elle -Keeping warm in style

Fabulous socks of the day in honor of Bella
Chloe's fab socks too


  1. S and B and girls:
    Love the new hat and the socks for Elle. God bless Grandpa Gil for his efforts with you!
    Keep fighting , all of you, never give up! Try to get some sleep too.
    1John 3;22

    If our hearts do not condemn us, we have confidence before God, and receive from Him anything we ask. We obey His commandments and do what pleases Him."
    We are preparing for church now and altar guild, that helps sustain the two of us seniors! Tonight we will go to Uncle Timmy's and see the children's constumes. Wish Chloe and you all were there too.
    God bless all or you for being so brave and so strong. We love you and lift our precious Elle up to the Lord every day! Grandma and G.G.

  2. The socks in honor of Bella...so sweet.

    I am so glad grandpa is around to help out. Having a supportive family is such a blessing.

    Elle- Keep on hanging in there sweet baby. Sending you love, hugs and sweet kisses. XOXOXO

    Denise WI

  3. All my Love and Prayers with all of YOU!!!!!

  4. We're thinking of you guys! Let us know if we can do ANYTHING!! Oh! ...and I'm so looking forward to dinner! I think it should be fun! Love, jennifer

  5. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for honoring Bella's socks of the day. Too cute.

    Bella's Grandma Carolyn

  6. Becky, Steve and Chloe,
    I once heard that the definition of courage is being afraid and doing it anyway, you are all so courageous and doing so well as a family being strong and looking the unknown in the face and fighting the whole way through. Mikayla and I wish you all the best and we pray the Lord will protect you and keep you safe from harm and give you peace. Elle- you are a precious angel from God and we know that your life has purpose and you give us all strength. Keep fighting precious girl, we love you so much.
    Love and prayers from sacramento,
    Aunt Timea and cousin Mikayla

  7. Happy Halloween Elle! I love your kitty hat, very cute!

  8. We are only separated by bodies that make us look separate. But deep within we are together with God. He is with us, for us and in us (the holy spirit). Elle is forged in the one great God by his love for us all. I am daily praying for all of you and with you in spirit. Remember that God's love is pervasive and he is the one great and ultimate miracle maker. Keep strong in your love for each other.
    Candace C


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