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Elizabeth Cady
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day +31 October 23

Elle is doing OK today (yesterday).  In rounds, we discussed the new ideas and ID, BMT, and ICU docs thought about some things and are dosing the Caspofungin at a very high dose in conjunction with Voriconazole.  The Apmho-terrible as Vicki put it is not as effective in the sensitivity tests for her particular yeast although it usually is.  Also, It takes up 6 hours of line time and they want to do an Ampho B "lock" (still hasn't happened for different reasons but will start tomorrow). 

They said the essential oils and coconut oils are fine, but do not want to use pro biotics at this stage in BMT as it can actually be harmful with septic responses! Who knew yogurt could do that!  But as she improves, I will revisit that. 

Today I reorganized and cleaned Elle's room, changed blankets and Bair Hugger, wiped down all of her supplies and surfaces where the supplies are and her night nurse continued with the rest of the room.  I also cleaned her mouth very well when we did head gear hoping to prevent VAP -the last thing she needs right now is pneumonia on top of everything else.

Other than that, we listened to soft music and lullabies, I talked to her, hummed, held her hand and her dad did likewise.  We having started really watching her positioning schedule so she is turned every 2 hours, and the nurses are doing a great job at keeping her pain controlled.

ID and BMT docs both feel optimistic and believe there is time for treatment to show that it has worked.  She did get positive cultures again, but with the changes that were made, she should have a better result next time.

When Chloe and I prayed tonight before bed, she pulled me close to her and stroked my hair.  She is such an intuitive little sweetheart.  Before I closed the door, I was cheerfully wishing her sweet dreams and she looked convinced and relaxed and gave a happy smile back and asked for a kiss and a hug.  Her dad and I try not to worry her, but she still gets it.  

We kept the car parked and we all walked to Noodles today for lunch (thanks Vicki, used the card) and watched the excitement of the area preparing for Obama's speech.

Thank you again, everyone for the ideas for the infection (Fungemia), I am going to think about how to do the Vinegar thing too.  I am so glad my dad is here.  I can really concentrate on the baby and still spend good, quality time with Chloe in the evening.  It has been good for Stefan as well.
Long, long lines of people waiting to hear Obama speak behind Chloe

Peace chickens with signs that said "END WAR, YES WE CAN"


  1. Bummer that the probiotics cant be used right now. I cant explain the feeling I had last night...it was so strong. The story about Chloe brought tears to my eyes. This is so hard on everyone...I wish it were all easier.

    Elle- Sweet baby...sending you love hugs and strength to keep up the fight. xoxox

    Denise WI

  2. Baby Elle darling: Your grandma and G.G. are sending you hugs and kisses and positive thoughts more than once daily! Our Bible study and all of the church folks love you and the family and are praying all the time for you! We know God's angels are working overtime to protect your from worse infections and lung diseases! We know all your body chemicals are going to be in perfect alignment and your secretions are perfect, all is well in your body that God created! He creates beautiful beings and things we know! Wishing you happy dreams and perfect contentment! Love, us!

  3. Dear Becky: I will be saying extra prayers for your precious, adorable daughter. Elle is in our prayers and our hearts.
    Please give her a hug and kiss for me. Love and Peace. Leah's Nana

  4. Hi Becky. I've been not vigilant to check the blog for a couple of days. But, I'm back here again. I have been regularly praying for your and your dear little Baby Elle as well as Chloe and Stefan. It's funny, but I was thinking about probiotics when I realized she had been compromised by yeast. I read lately that babies and little children treated with bifudus are more likely to be healthy and have less disease when given it regularly. But a naturapath probably needs to do the prescribing. If I find the article again, I'll send you the link.
    Praying, praying and more praying for little Elle and you all.

  5. I just want to let you know that your daughters are beautiful and I am praying for baby Elle. I found your blog thru Daylon and Bella. I have been following them since the beginning of their treatments. I haven't commented before but I have been praying for Elle and I wanted to let you know that you are not alone. Stay Strong.

    Take Care,
    Amber McLaughlin, CA


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